Our team

Meet the chefs behind the extraordinary dining experience waiting for you at Benihana Pattaya. Prepare for the intricate knife work and flamethrowing feats of our team members, all dedicated to delivering the most entertaining meal you’ve ever had.

Sous Chef
Chef Theerayuth
Nobody knows teppanyaki better than Chef George. With his inside-out knowledge of the Benihana ropes. He’s been happily married to Benihana for almost two decades, and, as the Master Chef, he keeps our entertainment and cuisine on the cutting edge. With calm enthusiasm he’s getting ready to conjure up another two decades of knife twirling, dish-delivering happiness.
Assistant Sous Chef
Chef Manoch
He measures up our guests upon arrival and delivers lightning delight with his spectacular spatula skills. 16 years of relentless practice has made Chef Matrix a peerless pro, displaying precision, agility and accuracy. A juggler extraordinaire, who will astound and astonish you with his fast hands and ultra-slick moves. With the gift of eternal youth, he’s the cook with the looks.
Chef De Partie
Chef U-Bon
Just back from dishing up Mediterranean delights in Cyprus, Chef William is proving to be most popular with our guests. With his five years of experience, magnificent grasp of English, endearing personality and smooth cooking skills, he will blind you with his egg juggling show. The children, especially adore this part of his spinning, rolling, catching, hilarious performance.
Demi Chef De Partie
Chef Sakda
One of our most requested chefs. Renowned for his razor-sharp wit and acute nimbleness, Shake can really shake things up. He’s already supported the teppanyaki teams in the Maldives and Avani Khon Kaen. If this was an Olympic sport, Shake would surely own a spot on the podium! He’s just added a new trick to his repertoire, so be sure to come and check it out soon.
Chef Akkadech
After three years cooking up fun in Cyprus, Bogy is back. Who would have thought eggs and rice could be so much fun! He’ll magically make a squirming ‘egg snake' appear right in front of you and fashion a ‘rice heart’ from a mere bowl of rice, making it beat before your very eyes! If you’ve been craving a Benihana experience, he’s the one to deliver the cuisine of your dreams.
Commis II
Chef Phichitphol
If in doubt, give Chef Bearry a shout. Nothing suits him better than being in front of his sizzling teppanyaki table for an evening of slicing, dicing and searing. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth, but rather a Benihana chef’s knife in his hand. Your wish, is his command, so he’ll be more than happy to create your plate just inches away from you, as his kitchen is your table.
Commis III
Chef Chakkrit
They don’t call him Teppanyaki Mackie for nothing! Young and strong with movie star looks, he loves dishing up dynamite cuisine with a side of priceless pranks. One of our most requested chefs, he’s loved for his fiery theatrics and cheeky grin. He dishes up, not only fresh, tantalizing, delicious cuisine but his speedy knife work and unique style of delivery are things to awe at.
Commis III
Chef Nattawut
Our jolly trolley guy comes fully equipped with teppanyaki. When you need him, he’ll find you … he’ll be behind you. When visiting Benihana, he’ll be your very own teppan DJ. Offering the night’s delights, that wiill be music to your ears. He’s magically ubiquitous, so much so, that you’ll be wondering if he has a twin! With his big, bright smile, he’ll be a memorable part of your meal.